Prices for collars and leads vary according to the materials used. I rarely have multiple versions of the same collar, so many of the designs are one off and individual. I am able to reproduce designs for customer orders only if I am able to source the materials (ribbon / webbing etc). again. 


Partial slip collar

This collar comes in several variations in webbing width and colour, ribbon design, number and style of D-ring. 

The partial slip means that you can have the collar sitting looser (useful for hairy dogs!) but when you clip the lead on, the collar will tighten a few inches. It will not keep tightening like a choker chain. 

Some collars have a SR Buckle, some do not but most are adjustable in size. 

Basic collar

This collar has snazzy ribbon over the nylon webbing, buckle clip and most are adjustable in length. 

This collar comes in a variety of webbing (12, 19, and 25mm widths) and ribbon widths and colours. 

The Raven collar for tough dogs

This collar has  TWO welded D rings that sit over the buckle, so when you clip the lead on to both it goes over the buckle. Made for big tough super strong dogs that break plastic buckles. 

Fabric collars

These are my 'fancy' collars. They are fabric covered webbing, with slider welded slide size adjustors and a welded silver D ring. In some fabric collars the front of the D ring is attached to the martingale style partial slip, which means when the dog is on lead the collar will tighten a limited amount.  In other fabric collars the D ring is fixed. 

Being fabric covered these collars potentially may get dirty / stain easier. However they do wash up really well (as do the other products!) with some soap and warm water, or in a laundry bag in the washing machine. 


Basic lead

This lead is made from a single layer of nylon webbing, and a layer of contrasting ribbon. It is a standard lead with no extra's. But still pretty. 

Basic lead with extra D ring

This lead is made from a single layer of nylon webbing, and a layer or two of contrasting ribbon. It has an extra D-ring at the top to attach your poo bag holder (or whatever you like) to. 

Two length carabiner clip lead

This lead has layers of ribbon on nylon webbing, and welded D rings. 

There is a clip on the bottom to clip onto your dogs collar. The handle at the top of the lead is attached with a carabiner, and can be clipped onto the first 'D' ring for a normal lead, or the bottom ring for a much shorter lead. You can also use this lead to easily clip your dog onto a post etc. without having to unclip the lead from your dogs collar, attach to a belt for running, or even to another dogs lead for when walking more than one dog. 

 Double lead adapter

This is for you people that have two dogs and not enough hands to hold all the leads. You clip your regular lead to the D ring at the top, then put each snap clip to each dogs collar. There is also a adjustor just under the D ring so you can make one longer that the other if you have one dog that just needs to be infront, or two different sized dogs. 

Product care


These products are road tested by me and my own dogs. If it cant survive a enthused Border collie puppy and big half husky, then I wont sell it to you.  However some ribbons may wear faster than a regular plain collar. 

Because materials are sourced from NZ, Australia and the US, it means that often I cant give clear time estimates on how long orders will take, as often components need to be ordered. 

If you have any issues with these products, or feedback please email me. 

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