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Head halters

'Gleeful restraint'

This head halter is one of two designs used to help dogs that pull, or have trouble with distractions. 

The 'Gleeful Restraint' (Gleeful because they are pretty and colourful and happy, and restraint as they help stop the dog from pulling) head halter fits the dogs head, and the lead attaches behind the head. When the dog pulls the halter tightens around the dogs nose, and pulls the dogs nose down. This is not  pleasant for the dog, but when the dog stops pulling the restraint releases. 

The head halter is made from a figure 8 nose piece made from webbing and a soft fleecy layer, and the back piece webbing and ribbon.  There is a small ribbon loop holding the ring on so that you dont loose it. 

  • $30 NZD

'New Directions'

This head halter is one of two designs used to help dogs that pull, or have trouble with distractions. 

The 'New Directions' (Because it turns your dogs head away from where it is trying to pull.... turns the dog into a new direction) head halter has a nose piece that the lead attaches to under the chin. When the dog pulls, the nose piece tightens and the dogs head is pulled towards you instead of the distraction. The nose piece releases when the dog stops pulling. 

The head halter is made from a webbing nose loop with a soft fleec nose piece, and a larger webbing strap that attached around the back of the dogs head. There is also coloured ribbon to make it look good. 

  • $30 NZD


Harnesses are not kept in stock, they are made to order. This means that any colour combinations can be easily made, and they are made to fit. You can choose if you would like thinner fleece (like in the "Warbler' below), or thicker fleece (like in the 'Cheerio'). 

Extra 'D' rings can be added to the front of the harness for added control (less pulling) while walking, and handles easily added to the top if you would like to use the harness to lift the dog. 

If your dog is very small, an escape artist, or an unusual body shape than the 'Cheerio' will fit better. 

Prices vary according to the size of the dog, and the materials used. Approximately $50 - $70 NZD. 

 'The Warbler'

This harness crosses across the back, wraps under the belly and meets in a V across the chest. It is designed to sit behind the shoulder blades, and low on the chest so to not inhibit movement, and allow the head to drop down to the ground for tracking. 

This harness is adjustable across the belly strap, and can be made with any combination of colour webbing / ribbon / fleece. 


This harness has a fixed strap going down the middle of  the back between shoulder blades, and adjustable straps with buckles running around the belly, and across the front of the chest. 

The piece down the centre of the belly is also adjustable in length, so this harness fits very snugly and is more adjustable that the 'Warbler' style. It can be made with any combination of ribbon / colour fleece or webbing. 

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